via Wikimedia / Petr1868

Are you restless and trying to scope out some cooler outdoor activities to do outside of Prague? Well, how about a wicked combination of a little bit of creepy, a little bit of hike, and an all-rounded adventure?

At the edge of a forest above the village of Želízy, located about 1.5 hours by transport from Prague, you can witness two ginormous demonic heads carved in sandstone that can be dated back to the mid 1800s. They stand nearly 30 feet tall and are locally known as “Čertovy hlavy” which translates to “The Devil Heads.” Pretty impressive stuff, if you ask me.

Let’s just keep it real though, the adventure and hike part largely depends on how active of a person you are plus how active you actually want to be — the case of any hike, right? You can always call it a day and go home whenever you really want.

But this “hike” to see the demonic faces is well-worth it. It will make even beginner hikers feel as if they are true sportsmen. The hike from the bottom of the hill to the top (pretty steep though) where the heads rest is about 10 minutes by foot. My friend even carried a baby in her arms while climbing up, so no complaints there.

The statues were created by Vaclav Levy, and they quickly became a local attraction. The sculptor has also produced a series of many other carvings located throughout the forest for you to find during your hike. You can keep your eyes out for carvings of snakes, aliens, strange deformed faces, regular faces, and I’ll leave the rest up to you to discover. All the carvings are said to be inspired by fairy tales, and you can spot these creatures on other similar rocks that you come across on the blue trail of the hike.

The true hike begins in back of the devil heads, where you can follow the trail (yellow, green or blue) into the deep forest. The blue path is the most common, where you can encounter most of the stone carvings.