We all know how gorgeous Prague is…so are we really that surprised that many celebrities share this opinion? From famous movies shot here to books written about the Czech Republic, it has quite a lot to offer for artistic and creative individuals. We conducted our research and learned which famous people love the Czech Republic…so much that some of them even decided to spend their forever here.

  1. William Fichtner

The first famous person who adores Prague is William Fichtner, an American actor. During his visit to the Czech Republic (lasting approximately five months), he filmed the TV series ‘Crossing Lines’ in Prague’s city center. William spent most of his spare time in the city and ultimately fell in love with it, which forced him to buy a second house here for his family. In one of his interviews, he confessed that he loves to have a cup of coffee in a local grocery store. 

2. Andrian T. Bell

Throughout his life, a British enthusiast Andrian T. Bell did various entertaining and engaging things. In the past, he was a sailor; now he is the singer – the frontman of Prague’s rock band ‘The Prostitutes.’ Andrian has been living in Prague since 1993; however, he became famous only in 2014 when he acquired the Appollo prize for the Czech album of the year.

3. Jaz Coleman

Another singer who loves to spend his time in Prague is Jaz Coleman, the lead of ‘The Killing Joke.’ He included Prague in the cover for some of his albums, such as orchestral Doors. Also, Coleman continuously collaborates with Czech artists: a vivid example can be the rock group ‘Cechomor.’ During his recent  interview with VICE, Jaz described Prague as a great mystery… “this is where the magic happens.”

4. Tonya Graves

Tonya Graves, the soulful American pop singer, relocated to Prague a couple of years ago. At first, she was just an ordinary girl who was working at the Globe bookshop in the city center of Prague. In 2021, she is best known for being a part of the funky group ‘Monkey Business.’ Also, she has two wonderful kids, and she can be seen frequently in the portals of local media. 

5. Gene Deitch

The last celebrity on our list is Gene Deitch, an American who came to the Czech Republic during the Soviet Union times for work purposes. Later, he ended up marrying a local woman who was working at the studio (he is still living in Prague). Deitch is famous for creating a series of ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons produced in the Czech Republic. What is more, he wrote an autobiography, ‘For the Love of Prague,’ which describes living in the city during the challenging times of communism. 

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