Are you a foreigner with kids living in Prague, and looking for some activity for your kids? Thinking of giving your child some good life values, and you’d like them to be great people with some survival skills and appreciation of nature, at least? Are you thinking of scouting, but are you afraid of the language barrier in the country? I can tell you this: don’t worry at all, because I know the right place for you and your kid! The British scout group in Prague is the 1st British and international scout group in Prague, a city of many expats and different groups of foreigners, and they’re here to help spread the good values of scouting throughout this beautiful city. What are the values I’m talking about? For example, the values of good conduct, respect for others, and honesty. As a scout, your child can learn many valuable lessons that will last forever, such as outdoor skills, first aid, leadership skills, and citizenship skills.

It’s not always about being outdoors and learning how to start a fire or learn to track; it’s also about being a good person and helping people without being told to do so, from helping in extraordinary situations like floods to helping an older lady to cross a busy street. As a scout you will definitely become a better person, but it won’t be a struggle, because everything you will learn is going to be fun. Games, hikes, camping, crafting or even talking to people – that’s what is your kid going to do! Scout leaders always make sure that kids will enjoy it, and they do!

Creative and various activities are common in scouting, as well as outings like visiting a police station or a planetarium. How do I know that? I volunteer for British scouts in Prague as a volunteer leader. I did some activities with them and attended camps, and the smiles on the kids’ faces were priceless. There is nothing better than seeing kids happy and laughing and running around playing games that they will tell their parents about later.

There are many great leaders helping the 1st British scout group in Prague. So who are these British scouts? They provide scouting experiences to international English-speaking young people based in Prague. They have members from many countries including the U.K., USA, Italy, France and Libya. The scout group was started in 2014, and it’s mainly run by adult volunteers; these people give their free time to kids and bring along their skills to share. The group is based in Prague 6 in the Riverside School, but includes young people from all parts of Prague and even beyond.

I would recommend you to check their website for more detailed information (link below) or their Facebook page (also below).

Don’t have kids but are still interested? They would appreciate more volunteers as well. Interested in volunteering with kids, teaching them worthwhile skills, and making them laugh? Are you available during the week or on the weekend? Whether you’ve done any scouting before or not, I’m pretty sure you’d be welcome to help them out. Check their website or contact Simon, the first scout group manager. It’s a great idea for your kid, or for yourself, and it helps to make some of the kids around our city into better people. Because being a scout is more than just saying the pledge!

You can find their website here:

And their Facebook page is at:

Markéta Hudečková

Markéta Hudečková

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Markéta Hudečková