For all the bitcoin users out there, your shortlist of some bitcoin-friendly places in Prague is finally here. For those who are new to bitcoin, what is it exactly and what is all the fuss about? Bitcoin is a digital currency that was established in 2009. With this system, everything is automated and conducted electronically – the money is not printed or in any physical form. The most fascinating thing about this is that it’s not controlled by any one person or authority; it’s the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network of our time.

Clearly this has become a raging new topic for many as much as it has been adopted into the hipster starter pack. Regardless, with more bearded men jumping onboard with Bitcoin, merchants and venues are quickly adopting this new method just to keep up.

And with that, the bitcoin scene is sprouting in Prague. Although still a bit limited compared to other cities, you can definitely get by and pay off the basics strictly with bitcoin — accommodation, food, drinks, and some activities. Here are some places that accept Bitcoin in the city:

For Sleeping:

So far it seems that only Prague Siesta Apartments is able to rent out rooms (all 12 of them) and accept Bitcoin as a payment method. These rooms are located just a few minutes from Old Town Square – an ideal location for travellers.


BioOko is a quirky movie theater that has a hipster feel, but still not an overrated place to watch something on the big screen (so yes, still worth it). They’ve got a full bar and lots of places to get comfy and sit around while you’re waiting for the film to start.

Your Headquarters:

Paralelni Polis is a library and co-working space which is also recognised as the tech mecca and Bitcoin hub of Prague. They often hold a variety of meetups, events and workshops including local and international speakers to present research on given topics – cryptocurrencies, groundbreaking technologies and the future of 3D printing. And of course, they opened their own cafe Bitcoin Coffee where only bitcoins are accepted.


Zapomenuty Cas is your go-to sit down restaurant if you’re willing to spend a little more (but not too crazy) to calm your raging hunger. They offer burgers, czech specialties, tortillas, pasta, and exquisite choices for the higher than average spender for quality food that will hit the spot and fulfil your cravings.

U 3 Trojek (333) is as czech as czech food will get. Have a favourite czech dish? It’s probably theirs too. They got it all.

Cukarna Alchymista for your cafe-fix. They offer pastries, coffee and tea as well with a retro style interior to make you feel classy and cool.

A Maze in Tchaiovna is another tearoom and cafe that will accept your bitcoin payments. Not your typical tearoom though, as you will discover that there are many hidden doors disguised as bookshelves that lead to other rooms. It lives up to the maze in its name, as well with serving you a bunch of different “čaj” or tea. A range of events are also held here – czech lessons, improv comedy shows, live music, board game events, pub quizzes and just the perfect set up to kick back and relax.


Incider Bar – the first and only bar dedicated to serving ciders in Prague.

Soma Bar – home of a variety of craft beer, cocktails and friendly service in the heart of Vinohrady. They occasionally host events to entertain you while you order a drink or ten.

The Rest:

To see all other venues that accept bitcoin in Prague, take a look at the coin map here: