Best Parks in Prague – 2017 Edition

Need a break from the concrete jungle? We feel you, really. So that’s why we put together a list of the best parks in Prague as of 2017 (not saying that it was any less great in 2016, but you know).


What all these great parks have in common is that they all offer you a spectacular view of the city if you can find its sweet spot.


1. Letna Park (Letenske Sady)

This may be one of everyone’s favourites because of its famous lookout area from the beer gar-dens. There is an entire courtyard of long wooden tables for you and your friends to relax and grab beers from the beer stands. Once here, you’ll see many tame dogs (without leashes) with their sporty owners. It’s a huge park that stretches out pretty far with food stands scattered about. Defi-nitely a nice spot during the summer.

2. Riegrovy Sady

This one hits home for many expats because its located in the heart of the expat district where we all seem to live. This park is large enough so that you don’t complain, and it also has two beer gar-dens –– one on the lower deck and one at the top. The larger beer garden offers food stands and a projector screen which often shows live matches or movies. Sometimes you can even catch live performances. What’s also special about this park is that it has a magnificent view of the city as you’re on top of a hill. During the summer they often project free movies from the bottom of this hill while everyone is free to sit, picnic and watch the show.

3. Petrin Hill

What’s great about Petrin is that it offers a lot –– an observatory, a tower, a mirror maze, rose gar-dens, and the funicular to help you climb that hill! The scenery is quite beautiful and walking the entire hill at a slow pace will make you feel like you are back with nature. If you’re feeling adven-turous, go ahead and climb the Petrin Tower to get an even better view of the city.

4. Divorka Sarka

Divorka Sarka is truly a category on its own because it’s as if you are entering a forest. Located in Prague but on the outskirts, this little oasis is a perfect getaway. It’s perfect for jogging, biking, hik-ing, picnicking or just laying down in the grass during summer. It’s a huge park with a mix of ter-rains.

There’s also a small lake that you can admire as you’re doing your morning jog. The best part about this park are its cliffs. You can climb your way to the top and once there, you’re able to catch a view of some parts of Prague as well with the scoping out everything that’s below you. Worth it.

5. Stromovka

Stromovka is beautiful, green, and everything you expect a great park to be. One of my friends even chose this park to get married and have the complete ceremony in –– which says a lot about this park!

This place is perfect for biking, rollerblading, skateboarding and basically anything with wheels since there are designated paths which cut through the park (something not all parks in Prague have). There’s a lot of grassland for everyone so go ahead and bring your largest picnic blanket and spread it out for your afternoon nap.

There are also several pubs and beer gardens around the park if you’re feeling hungry. All in all, one of the greater parks that Prague has to offer.

6. Vyšehrad

Not only is Vyšehrad a brilliant church to see, but it comes surrounded by a lot of green and nature. Situated on the top of a hill, this sight offers a lot of killer views of Prague. Vyšehrad is the go-to spot for photographers, dog-walkers, joggers, tourists, and of course the locals.

In back of the church is an old cemetery where many of Prague’s great artists, musicians and poli-ticians are buried. Some of the most known are the graves of Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana and Alfons Mucha.

As you walk around the park you’ll come across huge statues reflecting figures from Czech My-thology. There are also some ice cream stands, pubs and cafes scattered around the area in case you’re wanting a bite or something to drink. A noteworthy park and attraction all in one.