‘Renting a car anywhere at any time’ is the motto of Anytime Carsharing, the leader in the newly developing industry. Thanks to the incredible speed of infrastructure technology, we can use new services to ease our lives. Discover which cars you can rent and which companies offer such opportunities during your stay in Prague.  Anytime Carsharing is the perfect option to get from point A to point B in a short time The main requirements to use the carsharing service are the age of 18 years old and a driver’s license. It is crucial to consider that your driver’s license of category B has been valid for 6 months and that it was issued in the European Union, USA, Canada, Switzerland,Read more.

Prague is a great historical city with plenty of green zones, parks, national reservations that became popular, especially in the pandemic. Sometimes, they can be overcrowded and noisy, and you cannot simply relax there. Check out parks where you can finally feel tranquility and spend time in silence.  Divoká Šárka Located in the north district of Prague, the natural reservation welcomes all visitors, including dogs!. Interestingly, it was named after the mythical female warrior. Based on the legend, she threw her off one of the multiple cliffs there.  It is a place that is perfect for people who love physical activity, hiking, or mountain biking! You can enjoy the magical and breathtaking scenery in the park: a vast forest withRead more.


With the spring, everything becomes better – weather, outdoor activities such as biking, mood, even the coronavirus situation! We encourage you to take a bike ride around Prague and discover some magnificent places you might forget during the lockdown: for the best views in the city, you can check our list here!  What is Rekola?  Rekola is a new concept of many developed and infrastructured European cities. In simple words, it is bike-sharing which is available for everyone who can bike! The name of the company has a deep and valuable meaning for society. Basically, ‘kola’ means ‘bike’ in the Czech language, and ‘re’ stands for recycling as the organization started with recycled bikes donated by others. You can stillRead more.