Your Student Accommodation in Prague. Source:

Students scrambling to find accommodation will have an easier time come September when The Fizz Project opens its doors in the trendy Holesovice neighborhood.

Prague has long represented a popular destination for foreign students due to lower costs and cheaper tuition than many students pay back home. But the surge of students in recent years makes it difficult to find affordable accommodation as rents rise across the historic city.

“Every September is a nightmare for me”, Mary, a student from Ukraine said. “I usually spend my summer back home and when I come back to Prague in autumn – it’s horrible. I am always stuck living in a hotel or a friend’s place for almost a month until I find a room with a nice location and reasonable price,”  

The Karlin Group and International Campus jointly developed The Fizz Project, which will represent one of the largest student residences in Prague and will include 640 beds. The residence in Prague follows similar projects from International Campus n Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands.

The residence offers private bathrooms, a small private kitchen, movie rooms a terrace and other amenities in one of the most vibrant districts in the city. 

“We do expect to see more activity from institutional and entrepreneurial players. The main reason for this is that it is focused on foreign students who are more likely to be attracted to this type of accommodation,” Andy Thompson, Director for CEE Investment Services at Colliers International, said in a statement.