Cesky Krumlov

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A magnificent city with breathtaking views is situated north of the Czech Republic, near the Austrian border. The main sightseeing of Cesky Krumlov is the Bohemian Castle, which was built in the 13th century. It was not ruined or affected during the world wars, and now is considered to be one of the UNESCO heritage sights. Don’t miss a unique opportunity to visit the city with its most fabulous history while on vacation in Prague. The distance between the cities is approximately 180 kilometers, and it takes about 2 hours to get there. Usually, the traffic depends on the roads and the stream of cars. There are three ways how to get there from Prague. First, you can rent a car or use carsharing, the service which is gaining popularity in Czechia quickly. The cost of carsharing is 1.99Kc per minute; for the entire day, it will be about 1,500 Kc. The second option is to take a train, which takes about 2 or 2.5 hours and costs approximately 216 Kc. The last option is traveling by bus – it takes the same time as the train, and the bus ticket price is about 162Kc. The reduced tickets are available for the elderly, children, and students with a valid student card, such as ISIC.

Kutna Hora

The city is surrounded by amusing Gothic and neo-Gothic architecture. It is well-known for its sacred monastery, and its Ossuary (the Church of Bones) built back in 1142. It is listed in the UNESCO heritage sights lists for its splendid nobility – no one has ever invaded the monastery, and it was not damaged in any way. Kutna Hora is situated 70 kilometers from Prague to the west. The travel time varies from 70 to 80 minutes, depending on the means of transport. You can get there in the following ways: by renting a car or using a carsharing service, the time of the trip will be around 70 minutes. The price for such an adventure will be approximately 1,500 Kc, considering that carshare costs 1,99Kc per minute. The second way of traveling is to go by train from Prague’s central train station. One-way ticket costs around 135 Kc and takes about one hour to get to the destination. The last option is to travel by bus, which you can catch at the C-line metro’s last station, Haje. The journey takes about 2 or 2.5 hours and costs about 50Kc. The reduced tickets are available for the elderly, children, and students with a valid student card such as ISIC for the train and bus.


It is the majestic and royal Gothic castle established in the 14th century, which was not affected by any terrific events, such as wars. A castle served as a fortress in the medieval centuries. It was a residence of Karel Ⅳ, one of the kings of the Czech Republic. Nowadays, it is a museum with treasure rooms, which are available for tourists. Karlstejn is situated about 30 kilometers from Prague, and it takes about one hour to get there. There are only two ways to travel there – by car or by train. As for the car journey, you can either rent a car or use the carsharing service. The cost will be around 1,500 Kc for an entire day-trip ( 1,99Kc per minute). The train journey takes about 30 minutes, and the train operates every 30 minutes from Prague and the other way around. The price varies from 100 Kc to 200 Kc, the discounted tickets can be applied to the elderly, children, and students. 

Velka Amerika

Velka Amerika is a canyon with a marvelous and spectacular view. This place is perfect for people who love hiking and discovering all wonders of nature. There are different hiking trails, depending on the difficulty of the journey. Velka Amerika is situated near Prague, approximately 35 kilometers, and the road trip takes from 40 to 60 minutes. There are two main ways of getting to the canyon. The first way is renting a car or taking advantage of the carsharing option. The cost for this will be around 1,500 Kc for an entire day. The second way is taking a bus from the last station of B-line metro, Zlicin. It costs around 50 Kc, and the time of traveling is approximately 54 minutes. The discounted tickets can be applied for the elderly, children, and students with a valid ID. 

Bohemian Switzerland

It is a national park, which was established relatively recently, in 2000. Discover the phenomenal and miraculous nature of the Czech Republic through various hiking trails – the majestic view will surround you throughout the entire adventure! Bohemian Switzerland is situated in the south of the country, next to the German border. If you are traveling from Prague, it takes about 1.5 hours to overcome a 130 km distance. The main options to get to the national park are by train, or by car. The train trip takes about one hour to get to the final destination and costs around 150-200 Kc one way. The discounted tickets can be applied for the elderly, children, and students with valid ID. As for traveling by car, you can either rent it or use a carsharing service. The road trip will be around 1.5 hours, and the price of the vehicle will be about 1,500 Kc. 

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