With an environment ideal for growing hops, it is no surprise that Czech people have been brewing and drinking beer for an incredibly long time.

The 1088 C.E. foundation charter for Saint Peter and Paul Basilica is the oldest surviving document that mentions brewing in what is now the modern-day Czech Republic. This means that for almost ten centuries, Czechs have had a lot of time to perfect beer. Here are some of the best beers, in no particular order, to try in the Czech Republic today:

Pilsner Urquell Nefiltrovaný

            Pilsner is a legendary beer that was first officially brewed in 1842 in the Burghers’ Brewery, Pilsen, by Josef Groll. Since then, Pilsner Urquell has become an international success. However, one of their top-rated beers can only be found in Pilsen, on the brewery tour itself. This is the Pilsner Urquell Nefiltrovaný, or Unfiltered “From the Wood.” This beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized, with open fermentation. Open fermentation is a traditional brewing method in which the fermentation occurs in a vessel that does not have a lid. Try this classic beer and feel the history of Bohemia!

Take the Pilsen Brewery tour here.

Nectar of Happiness 17

            If you feel like taking a day trip outside of Prague, consider visiting the small village of Zichovec near the town of Slaný, and the Zichovec Family Brewery. Founded in 2012, this family craft mini brewery now brews over 60 beers. They have a collection of permanent and limited-time beers, with Nectar of Happiness 17 being a fan-favorite in their permanent collection. This beer is a New-England IPA brew that they say has “strong tones of pineapple, mango and yellow melon in the taste and aroma.” Explore the website of this young brewery for plenty of unique beers and non-alcoholic beverages alike.

Žitohola 11°

            A small brewery located in the village of Obara, the Obara Brewery is a hidden gem. They brew their beers from hops and malt grown within view of the brewery! Their Žitohola 11° beer is a light lager with rye malt, with an earthy taste that is incredibly easy to drink. You can find the beer at multiple locations listed on the brewery website or visit the brewery in-person to meet the staff and perhaps learn a bit about the beer from the owner himself.

U Fleků Dark Lager

            U Fleků is a restaurant and brewery found in Prague’s New Town, and they are the only ones who serve their very own Dark Lager. Since 1499, this brewery is proud to state they are, “one of few breweries in Central Europe which has been brewing continuously for over 500 years.” This lager is critically acclaimed and known for its incredibly dark, almost black, color. Additionally, the restaurant provides the perfect atmosphere for this timeless beer, with its historic location and Medieval, Gothic-styled interior.

Fly With Me Apricot

            Apricots are an undeniably Czech fruit, which is precisely why the Wild Creatures Brewery included them in one of their most popular fruit sour beers fermented in oak barrels. They compare their process to that of wine, making this beer unique from the Czech Republic’s traditional beers. They even say the beer might taste more similar to wine. However, due to specific ingredients such as malt and hops, it is still undeniably beer. Located in the village Mikulov, near Brno, this small brewery is run by a couple who have a passion for their unusual beers. If you are tired of traditional Czech beers, Fly With Me Apricot is exactly what your palate needs!

And if you need recommendations on the top beer places to visit in Prague, Anna got you covered:

Michaela Dehning
Czech-American art history major at Arizona State University who lives in Prague. Passions include history, art, and culture.
Michaela Dehning
Michaela Dehning