There are good beers, bad beers, and…weird beers. So weird that we bet you might’ve never even heard of them. Let’s dive straight into the weirdest beers out there!

The Maple-Bacon Flavored Porter

Via Funky Buddha Brewery

The first (but definitely not the last) non-vegetarian-friendly flavor on this list of wacky beers is a Maple-Bacon Flavored Porter, hailing from the Funky Buddha Brewery. Surprisingly, Bacon isn’t as rare of a beer flavor in the brewing world, as smokey brews are able to mimic the smells of bacon (thus giving you that sizzling, mouth-watering taste through a lil’ sensory trickery called Olfaction) and thus making it a widely accessible craft brew. This specific California-based brewery makes a sweetish blend meant to pair the caramel tones of maple syrup with the hungry-quenching flavor of bacon, combining to provide a sweet and salty breakfast-perfect pairing. In fact, recommended food pairings for this beer include steak, eggs, and pancakes!

The Spicy Chile Beer

Via Twisted Pine

For those with an affinity for spice – actually, for those with a death wish – the Ghost Killah Beer is here to punish you for simply taking a sip. With a conventional array of ingredients giving it an innocent, blonde lager look to it, this Colorado beer is packing over six different kinds of chile in it. Spices include serrano, jalapeno, and infamously the second spiciest pepper in the world, the Ghost Pepper. At only 5% alcohol, nothing can withstand the power of spice in this beer – it can even barely carry an inch of foam for long. People who’ve tried it describe the spicy mixture as an instant sweat-inducer and that it’s like drinking “liquid heat”.

The Oyster Stout

Via Great Lakes Brewing

Something smells fishy, and I think it’s coming from my beer glass… This kind of stout touting a wholesome, seafood aroma has a distinct Oyster smell and taste. The unique oceanside flavor comes in a similar way as the Bacon Porter mentioned above, where brewers replicated the tastes and smells through smoking their grains before fermenting their brew. This kind of beer is widely known (and surprisingly acclaimed) with its concoction of salty oyster flavor with dark sweet tastes like caramel or chocolate, creating an overall creamy dark beer. And if you haven’t guessed already, the most popular food pairing with this stout is a raw oyster placed right on top of the glass!

The More-Alcohol-Than-Beer, Beer

Via Brewmeister

Coming last is a beer with a name as deadly as what it is named after – the Snake Venom brew. While no actual poison is used in the making of Snake Venom, the brewers do claim that it’s the strongest beer in the world at a whopping 67.5% alcohol content. It’s so strong, that when ordering the beer online they will only ship you two at a time to make sure you drink it responsibly – considering harder liquors like tequila and rum usually range into the lower 40s, you certainly won’t be wanting to shotgun this drink in one go. This beer has so much alcohol in it that carbonation can’t stay alive, making it flat and smooth on arrival. Hailing from a Scottish brewery, Snake Venom is described as being nutty in smell and slightly hoppy/fruity in flavor, although who can make these flavors out from all the alcohol when drinking, I’m not sure.

Joey Petrila

Joey Petrila

As an American in Prague, I love beer history and finding good lakes to swim in during the summer.
Joey Petrila