An outdoor swimming experience is one of the ways to beat the summer heat slowly returning to Prague, making it challenging to enjoy life to the fullest with a spin of unforgettable emotions in the summertime.  Escape the heat wave on the shores of the natural lakes located in Prague and discover the unbeaten paths of Czech nature.  Hostivařská přehrada Hostivařská přehrada is one of the largest natural swimming areas situated in Prague. Its area consists of 43.8 hectares of water adventures, including sandy beaches, cocktail bars, food spots, and a natural swimming pool.  Clean natural water, a rare find nowadays, is a perk of the spot. Visitors can enjoy a hot summer day by the shore, play volleyball, go paddle,Read more.

MuMo, also known as Museum Montanelli, invites visitors from all over the world to rediscover modern visual art and their perception of it. Czech and international artists created a new world filled with contemporary masterpieces that depict the changes and transformations that our society has gone through in recent years. The art gallery is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Don’t hesitate to stop by when you are in the area!  What is MuMo?  MuMo is an aspiring gem among the Czech modern artists, offering the possibility of a controversial vision of contemporary society. There, you can find a selection of authentic artists who express their feelings and emotions through one medium – visual art.Read more.

International Beer Day is rocking the grounds of Prague 7, welcoming all beer-savvy people to enjoy the summer weather with a cold pint. The Beer House, the official festival organizer, invites all locals and visitors to the capital to try authentic beers from different parts of the world, including the United States of America. The event starts within a happy hour, the magic time to escape the world, at 16.00 on Friday, July 5, 2022.  What is a beer house? A Beer House is one of the outgoing members of the Vnitroblock community, offering a selection of authentic beers from different nations. They specialize in importing beer from the States, introducing the drinking culture to locals.  Give a chance toRead more.