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Who can apply for Czech citizenship?

Citizens of a foreign state or stateless persons with permanent residence in The Czech Republic may apply for Czech citizenship.

A married couple may file a joint application for Czech citizenship. Alternatively, parents may include their child in their Czech citizenship application under the condition that the child is under 18 years of age. In this case the birth certificate of the child must be produced along with the application.

Are there any conditions I have to meet to obtain Czech citizenship? 

Yes, the applicant has to meet the following preconditions:

  1. The applicant must be integrated into the society of The Czech Republic, especially in terms of family, working and social aspects.

And at the same time

  1. The applicant must not endanger the security of the state, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, democratic foundations, lives, health, or property values.

And at the same time

  1. The applicant has to meet the following conditions:
    1. Length of the permanent residence in the Czech Republic
      • nationals of EU member states – 3 years of permanent residence, having resided here for most of the time
      • nationals of third countries – 5 years of permanent residence, having resided here for most of the time
      • the applicant has a permanent residence permit for a period which, together with the immediately preceding authorized stay in the territory of The Czech Republic, amounts to at least 10 years
    2. Actual stay in The Czech Republic – the applicant needs to prove that he or she has resided in The Czech Republic for a total of at least ½ of the total length of the period stated above i.e. at least 2,5 years (foreign nationals having permanent residency for at least 5 years), 1,5 year (EU nationals having permanent residency for at least 3 years) or 5 years (applicants with permanent residency whose authorized stay in the territory amounts to at least 10 years).
    3. Clean Czech Penal Register record
    4. Knowledge of the Czech language
    5. Basic knowledge of The Czech Republic’s constitutional system, culture, society, geography and history (hereafter as ‘knowledge of life and institutions’)
    6. During the three years prior to filing an application, the applicant may not have committed a serious breach of the responsibilities that arise from legislation governing the entry and residence of foreign nationals in The Czech Republic, public health insurance, social security, supplementary pension insurance, taxes, customs, payments and fees, duty to support and maintain a child who has permanent residence in The Czech Republic, or public law responsibilities to the municipality where the applicant has a registered residence if the responsibilities are mandated by a self-governing municipality.
    7. A Declaration of Income for the past three years prior to applying for citizenship
    8. During the three years prior to filing the application, applicant must not have been, to a considerable degree and without sound reasons, a burden to the state social support system or the system of assistance in material need (i.e. the applicant must not have been receiving benefits).

Some of the conditions that have to be met may be waived by the Ministry of Interior upon your request except conditions c. and g.

Where can I apply for Czech citizenship?

An applicant can apply for Czech citizenship in person at the Regional Authority appropriate to the place of his/her permanent residence and at a Municipal District Authority in Prague.

Which documents have to be submitted along with the application?

The applicant is required to submit:

  • An application form
  • A birth certificate
  • A marriage certificate or registered partnership certificate (if you have entered into a marriage or registered partnership)
  • A divorce certificate or certificate of dissolution of registered partnership (if applicable)
  • Spouse’s / partner’s death certificate (if applicable)
  • A Penal Register record or its equivalent issued by an appropriate court or administrative body of another state (in certain cases it may be replaced, for example, by a statutory declaration not older than 6 months)
  • Curriculum vitae – Applicant shall provide information about his or her stay in The Czech Republic, travel abroad during this period, work or other paid activity or study, and information regarding family and social life, etc.
  • Czech language and civic knowledge examination certificate
  • Documents proving applicants stay in the Czech Republic and trips abroad (for example a statutory declaration about trips abroad and stay in the Czech Republic)
  • A confirmation that applicant has no unpaid taxes in the tax records of the Financial Administration and the Customs Administration of The Czech Republic 
  • A Proof of the Origin of applicants financial resources for living expenses in The Czech Republic (for example, an attestation of pension receipt, proof of foreign earned income, proof of income from applicants spouse, etc.)
  • A Certificate of Employment along with applicants income documentation if the applicant is employed, and employment contracts or certificates relating to applicants jobs in the past
  • A Study Certificate or applicants last school report or diploma if applicant is studying in The Czech Republic or has studied here in the past

The Ministry of the Interior may request additional documents from the applicant concerning, for example, his or her employment and/or business activities (employment contracts, extracts from the Commercial Register, trade licenses, tax returns, etc.), public health insurance and compliance with obligations of taxes, levies, fees and social security. 

Is it necessary to submit these documents in a special form?

Applicant is always required to submit original documents or official copies of those original documents. Documents such as a travel document, birth certificate, marriage certificate and various others must be submitted in original (a certified copy is not sufficient for this purpose). 

Can I provide the necessary documents in my language?

All of the documents submitted must be made out in the Czech or Slovak language or officially translated into Czech language. Moreover, foreign public documents must be supported by a higher verification (Apostille, superlegalisation).

What is the fee for processing the application?

An administrative fee of 2.000, – CZK is paid for the granting of citizenship of The Czech Republic in the case of an adult applicant, and an administrative fee of 500, – CZK is paid in the case of a minor applicant or an applicant who is an asylum seeker.

The administrative fee is paid only in the case of a positive appraisal of the application, ie in the case of issuing a “Charter on the granting of citizenship of The Czech Republic”.

Do I have the right to receive Czech citizenship?

No, you cannot make a legal claim for Czech citizenship and, even if you meet all the conditions required by law, you may not be granted citizenship. The granting of Czech citizenship is within the competency and discretion of the Ministry of Interior of The Czech Republic, and you can find information about making an application and the Czech citizenship granting process on the Ministry’s website. 

How long does it take to review my application?

The Regional Authority will send the application for citizenship of The Czech Republic within 30 days to the Ministry of the Interior, who will then make a determination within 180 days from the date on which the application was submitted.

How do I know if my application was approved?

In the case of a positive appraisal of the application, the applicant is issued a “Charter on the granting of citizenship of The Czech Republic”.

Citizenship of The Czech Republic is acquired on the day of taking the oath of citizenship (for reasons worthy of special consideration, the taking of this oath may be waived – in such a case, Czech citizenship is acquired on the day when the decision to waive the oath of citizenship came into force). The applicant shall take the oath of citizenship within 12 months after the day the invitation has been delivered to him/her, otherwise the naturalization will be cancelled. When taking the oath of citizenship, the applicant is presented with the “Charter on the granting of citizenship of The Czech Republic”. Children under the age of 15 do not make a citizenship pledge.

What to do if you do not obtain Czech citizenship?

The applicant has the right to file remonstrance to the Minister of the Interior via the Department of Citizenship and Registries of the Ministry of the Interior within 15 days from the delivery of the decision. The Minister will make a decision about the remonstrance within 120 days of this filing.

The applicant may also bring a legal action against the decision of the Minister of the interior within 2 months after the delivery of the decision on the remonstrance. Applications for citizenship of The Czech Republic which are rejected due to a threat to state security are excluded from judicial review.

If applicant’s application is refused, he/she cannot file a new one before the expiration of a period of two years from the date on which the rejection of his/her application came into force.

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