In this era of Spotify, SoundCloud, and iTunes, anyone with the memory of a Goldfish can arrange a twenty track music set for their gym workout, drive to work, or dinner party. But don’t you see? That’s just the problem. Your preferences are yours, and yours alone, and the rest of us could really give a rat’s ass about that obscure B-side slow-jam that was playing at your school prom. Music is personal, intimate, and subjective, according to your response to it. To be a really successful programmer, it’s people you need to understand, and more specifically, the audience that will be grooving, dancing or posing to your beats. As a lifelong audiophile, I’ve briefly summarized here a few waysRead more.

I accepted my role as a new father reluctantly, but that didn’t last. Nature gives us plenty of time to acclimate to our largest, and most critical responsibility ever. Prague Ex-pats with kids are extremely lucky. The Czech socialized safety net provides a mostly free ride, from the delivery room, straight through to university. Studies have also shown that Bi-lingual toddlers have longer attention spans, and sharper listening and empathic skills. Dual nationality is also automatic with two passports issued at birth. Medical, dental, and cultural, this is the place to do it. I live a few minutes behind The National History museum in Prague’s’ Nusle valley. This is a super-parenting neighborhood for a variety of reasons. Eateries and retailersRead more.

When I first moved to Prague in the Spring of 1995, we were hard pressed for decent headlining acts. Nick Cave, The Rolling Stones, and Moloko were all memorable events from that era, but disposable income was scarce, and you had to either be well off, or know someone, to even think about getting in. Well, the times have certainly changed, and Prague is now a regular central European stop on any decent mainstream promoters radar. Part of it is the fact that locals now have that spending power punch, and the venues have evolved to host the Pop worlds varied needs. You’ll be super lucky to catch a premiere act in Lucerna or the Archa theatre as capacity isRead more.