The National Gallery of Prague revealed its recent exhibition devoted to the post-media age and the role of photography in it. In particular, the installation is based on the ‘divination from a night sky partially obscured by clouds.’ Pretty abstractive and artistic. What else can we say!  The exhibition will run all summer, full of happiness, unforgettable memories, and cotton-candy sunsets. The last day of the performances will be September 19, 2022, so use your time wisely.  Background information The notion of photography, especially the contemporary one, has become one of the recent tendencies people enjoy following. Similar to other art mediums, it depicts modern art’s identity with the help of artists and their vision of our society. Perhaps theyRead more.

Pilsen is a queen of the brewery industry, thanks to Charles IV, who established the first brewery in the country in 1375. We all know that it is not a mind-blowing fact we are revealing to you here. We all know what Pilsner beer is.  Let’s be honest: we all tried draft beer while socializing in Prague. Most likely, you gave a chance to Pilsner Urquell (if you have not tried it yet, run to the next-door pub) to experience the taste of the western vibe of the Czech Republic.  Back to the main point-the Pilsen trip. It is much more than just an authentic brewery. Discover what you can do there in less than a day!  A quick historyRead more.

The week of refreshing prosecco festivals premiered in Prague to ease the heating wave we have all been struggling with for the last few days. A stream of ice-cold Italian prosecco with sweet and sour aromas can be found in various locations throughout the city center. As bougy and chic lovers, we dug into the prosecco fests and found our favorite gems of the week of June 6-13. Let’s get it rolling! What’s prosecco?  To get started, let’s define the most crucial term of the day: prosecco. As we were discovering different variations in terminology, we decided to focus on how Italians describe prosecco, emphasizing culture, history, and traditions. Long story short, prosecco is a sparkling white wine originating from Veneto, the region inRead more.