As we all know, Guinness records are devoted to the amusing and unbelievable accomplishments that some individuals can do. The Czech Republic is not an exception to this rule! Discover breathtaking and entertaining Guinness records which happened in Czechia!  The most extensive collection of bus tickets Ladislav Šejnoha set one of the weirdest and fascinating records. In 2008, he managed to display the largest collection of bus tickets only. There were 200,000 tickers from over 36 countries around the world! Each of the tickets was unique somehow; there were not identical tickets, the details were highly meticulous.  Most handcuffs escape within 24 hours. This criminal record is fascinating, indeed! On the 13th of February 2010, Zdeněk Bradáč ran away 10,625Read more.

Zlatá ulička dates back to the 15th century when the brand-new northern fence area was established in the Prague Castle. That area consisted of various modest dwellings that are the last evidence of the small building in the complex. In the north area, the majority of castle archers or goldsmiths were inhabiting there. That is why the street’s name became ‘golden.’  Originally, Zlatá ulička had buildings on both sides. Unfortunately, one side was removed at the beginning of the 19th century.  During the Second World War, the houses were empty, and no one was living there. In 1950, the street was colored in diversified colors, which give it a unique and bright view.  Significance of houses As you might guess,Read more.

With the start of the spring, Prague streets turned into blooming areas with freshly scenting trees and flowers. When strolling around, you might notice a significant dominance of pink color. That is how the magnolia or cherry develops its unique aroma that spreads all over the city. Discover the blooming areas where you can take the most beautiful pictures and enjoy the fantastic view. Trojský zámek Located in Prague 7, Troja is welcoming people all over the country to take a stroll in the freshly scenting area. There is a beautiful palace designed by the French architect Jean Baptiste Mathey. You can visit it in the opening hours (from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.). To be sure that the museumRead more.