Located in the heart of Old Town Square, the newly open Illusion Art Museum is waiting for your visit! The doors are open daily from 10 A.M. until 6 P.M.! There, you can discover various techniques of creating and developing illusions, the art of social media, and the physical interaction of all exhibitions. Let’s find out what hides behind the walls!  What can you expect?  The museum building is pretty vast: three flours of wandering around the illusion and installations and wondering how it can be so accurate! Some of the exhibitions are devoted to modern and contemporary art, others to the history of the Czech Republic. The most amusing thing is that you can touch every exhibition without any limit! Read more.

Prague’s sunsets are marvelous and breathtaking, and that is a fact! Why not appreciate it in the rooftop bar with a pint of beer and a couple of friends after work? We found three amazing rooftops where you can experience delicious cocktails with a magical view of Prague during the evening. Tune in!  Glass Bar The Glass Bar is a relaxing rooftop bar in style, situated above the famous and spectacular Dancing House by the Vltava River, with a great view of Prague Castle, the Prague National Theater, and the River.  The Glas Bar is part of an indoor lounge with panoramic windows and an open-air dining area. Yet, it still feels unique due to the house and the surroundingRead more.

With the easing of coronavirus restrictions, plenty of magnificent cultural places opened their door again for the first time from October 2020. Forum Karlín is not the exception to this rule. Discover which exhibitions you can visit there and which events worth your time!  What is Forum Karlín?  Forum Karlín is a multi-functional complex that unites masterpieces in the Prague 8, an emerging metropolis. The center is known for its approach towards modern architecture and its trends, which are developing rapidly.  In the past, the building was used as a boiling steam boiling factory. Later, Ricardo Bofill, Spanish architecture, reconstructed it and made it a more industrial look.  In 2021, Forum Karlín is a space for great exhibitions, events, concerts,Read more.