Students of British International Scool have achieved beyond their expectations with a record 36 Average Point Score and 100% pass rate. Whilst the global IB average has also risen this year to 32.99, the result continues to widen the gap when compared with other IB schools around the world. This result also showcases the difference that Nord Anglia Education schools bring to students’ academic results. We are incredibly proud of this year’s graduates and the fantastic results they have achieved. The 100% pass rate, our impressively high average pass rate, and the high individual scores are all testament to the hard work the students and our dedicated teaching staff have put in during this incredibly challenging year Michael Bardsley, Principal of PBISRead more.

The Czech Republic is known for its brilliant and magnificent minds that unite people through their literary works. Check out the best Czech authors and their best books which would broaden your horizons in culture, politics, and art.  The Joke (1967) by M. Kundera It is one of the readings that is closely connected with Czech history and politics. The events in the 1960s influenced each person’s vision of the political regime and their life in it. In the book, the author expressed his perspective on such crucial issues as the totalitarian era of Czechoslovakia, self-delusion, and Stalinism. For example, Ludvik Jahn separates himself from the communist party due to religious beliefs (Christianity cannot coexist with communism). For his writing,Read more.

One of the oldest churches situated in the heart of Prague, Prague Castle, is dedicated to the patron saint of Saint George. The basilica survived all the challenges and hardships of war, plague, flood, and other natural disasters and remained magnificent and astonishing for visitors.  St. George Basilica’s story dates back to 920, more than a thousand years ago when Vratislaus I of Bohemia established it. However, it was built as the second church at the Prague Castle; the only one to remain. Initially, it was pretty small; that is why it was enlarged and reconstructed in 973 with the addition of the Benedectine St. George’s Abbey.  There is a Gothic chapel in the church complex, which is devoted toRead more.