If you’re one of the estimated 600,000 expats living in the Czech Republic, it may have occurred to you at some point to consider starting a business. Maybe you were thinking about a favorite item from home that you’ve never seen here (or had to pay hundreds of dollars to import!) Maybe there is a kind of food you miss that you’ve searched endlessly for at the various pre-Covid Food Festivals in Prague. Or maybe you have a skill to offer that you think might have value in your community… whatever the case may be, if you’ve given it any amount of thought you may have wondered, “can an expat even have a business in the Czech Republic?” A quickRead more.

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So. You’ve been living in the Czech Republic for five or ten years and, with 2021 fast approaching, you’re on your way to another anniversary of life abroad and wondering if you might be eligible for citizenship. The good news is: You are eligible! The not so good news is that they aren’t going to make it easy on you.  Learning The Language Most expats who live here quickly find that fluency in the Czech language, while most appreciated by locals, is not necessarily a requirement for life here. Like so many other European countries, one can absolutely get by with only a basic understanding of the language as many Czech’s speak fluent English. Knowing a few words like, forRead more.

With times being what they are, couples in the Czech Republic who had been thinking about getting married in 2020 may have decided to… delay things a bit.  But it’s important to remember that this virus won’t be around forever – you’ve probably heard that there are no less than three major pharmaceutical companies in the US that have developed a vaccine with 95% efficacy – and life will return to normal… or whatever the new normal is.  BOOK A LEGAL CONSULTATION So in thinking about that, you might want to start reconsidering your wedding plans for 2021 and get to booking those venues.  Places like the Baroque Vrtba Garden (not far from the Charles Bridge and amazing for photos),Read more.