By the author of Prague Superguide, Míra Valeš Coming to Prague or any Czech town for that matter, you could wonder where to buy some local souvenir for yourself or as a present for family or friends back home. And here it becomes little complicated! If you stick to the very centre of Prague, you may end up thinking Czechs love babushkas, Russian wooden dolls, or they are incredibly fond of crystal toys. But frankly, we are not! These are not local souvenirs, nor they are popular among the locals and you will almost never find them in local’s homes. I swear! So where to get something genuinely local? Here are few spots which offer some goodies you might want to get back from your Prague stay: Botas 66Read more.

By the author of Prague Superguide, Míra Valeš For an article on more traditional Prague pubs, read Part 1 of this series here. As I promised to expand on the Prague beer scene, here is some more about new exciting places, unusual beers, new pubs and microbreweries in and around the magic city of Prague. Vinohradský pivovar Super popular smaller brewery which has been particularly successful in the last few years. Although it only dated few years back, I can only recommend their produce, particularly the dark, strong 13° beer called Jantar (Amber), my favourite in colder months of the year. The brewery resides in old house which was historically dedicated to brewing beer. It took few ex-managers who got together and decided toRead more.

By the author of Prague Superguide, Míra Valeš Drinking beer is a paramount to the Czech culture. Pubs are literary everywhere and the price of beer in there equals the price of small glass of water. I know and agree, it is little decadent and it is probably why Czechs rank among the biggest consumers of beer in the world. But you should enjoy the feast while you are in Prague! Good pub should be equally cosy and noisy and serve cold lager and some small dishes to go with it. If they don’t have nakládaný hermelín (pickled cheese) and guláš (goulash) and if there isn’t at least one table of old locals playing cards, they probably just fake being the realRead more.