Most Americans living and working in Prague consider themselves incredibly lucky. Every day is potentially a new adventure. Isn’t that why we left the states? And yet…sometimes you just want to kick up your feet, drink an enormous “americano” and read the latest copy of Oprah. And, surprise! You can! In fact, after you renew your passport at the embassy, you can simply stroll down the street and catch up on all the latest periodicals, books, and DVDs straight from the good ol’ U.S. of A. The American Center in Prague, opened by the U.S. embassy in 2006, has a rather interesting history. These centers were initially opened during the Cold War, to share American ideals and values behind theRead more.

Matějská pouť (St. Matthews Fair), Prague

Every year the grey skies of winter seem to drag on forever, especially as it gets to the end of February. The bright white snow has turned to ankle deep slush, you’re sick of wearing layers, and the cashiers at Albert seem EXTRA grumpy. But, there is one little bright spot to look forward to as February comes to a close … St. Mathews Fair! Saturday, February 23 marks the opening day of this years’ St. Matthews Fair (Matějská pouť), Europe’s oldest spring festival. Located at the Výstaviště exhibition grounds, this fair boasts 120 attractions, including rollercoasters, merry-go-rounds, a ferris wheel, and ponies so old you probably rode them as a child yourself! The kids can stuff themselves silly withRead more.