Back in Starbucks, again with another different article. As I already started I should continue with my study about boyfriends, right? I mentioned I will look for a place where to find a normal boyfriend. So, the question is, is there any? I mean, for example, bar. Well, if you like to find some party animal, alcoholic or so, then this is the right place, or not? I guess we are not looking for those boyfriends. At work? Dating with your colleagues is not a great idea, not just because your boss won´t be too happy but it could be really hard to coordinate your job with a relationship. As I was thinking about a place where to find aRead more.

You know I love food, you know I love brunch, I have a feeling you know me quite well now. But that’s a different story. I went and tried many brunch spots in Prague and this is my personal list of top 5 spots according to my opinion and my experience. The list includes these places: Den a Noc Globe Bookstore Marthy´s Kitchen Grand Café Orient Amandine Café I couldn´t give them any rating actually because I love all of them so I just wanted to do some list of my Top 5 with the description of each. My favorite would be Den a Noc or Marthy´s Kitchen. Both places are situated well in the city center and those twoRead more.

The Czech language can be a weird and wonderful thing, and not unlike German, when a word doesn’t exist it can often be adopted into the language on the fly. Here are 28 unusual Czech words that you probably never learnt in that basic Czech class – but you might find yourself using them now that you know them. Otužilec A person who does not feel the cold. Baráčník A person who has never lived anywhere else than in a house. Fiflena A woman who is obsessed with clothes, make-up. Chatař A person who owns a cottage and goes there quite often. Smolař A person who is not lucky. Navečer The time of a day between afternoon and evening. MlsatRead more.