Are you looking for a unique and interesting event that takes place in Prague? How about an event where you can meet people from around the world, and which takes place in Malá Strana on Sundays? At this ideal location, art sessions are now being held. Many artists have lived in and around these winding paths, and surely there’s no question why. Malá Strana is a piece of art in itself. Walking around and admiring the historical district is just as inspirational as looking at the artist’s masterpiece of the city! The old buildings around you are just screaming their history out of the rooftops! I’m pretty sure that if they could talk, they would tell us great stories fromRead more.

Are you looking for a typical American restaurant in Prague? What do you like to eat? Burgers? Sandwiches? French Fries? Salad? Bejzment is the right place to go! Is it the best place in Prague? Best place… what does that really mean? There are a lot of places in Prague where you can eat great burgers, and it depends on you what you prefer, but it is definitely the place you are looking for! You seriously have to try their burgers, as they are just amazing! Actually there aren’t sufficient words to describe those burgers. Great is not enough; awesome is better but still not that special. Gorgeous? They are, but you’ve just got to try and find your own words. Let’s say they are special and awesome.Read more.