Welcome to my hometown, the town where I was born and now I’m back in for a while. This place is just perfectly situated on the north of the Czech Republic, just a few km from the borders with Germany and just one and a half hour away by train from Prague. This is a great place to stop on your way to any of the hikes around the north and not that expensive to stay in as well. This small town with around 50,000 inhabitants has many activities to enjoy. A cute, small zoo situated on the hill above the river Elbe looks like a small castle from a Czech fairy tale. Why should you go there? This ZooRead more.

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Summer is here as well as sun, the heat, the beer gardens, and of course the ice cream! When it’s 30 °C in the shade, you will need something to cool yourself down without having to take off your clothes and jump into the fountains around Prague. One of the things that can make children smile effortlessly can work its magic on adults, as well. To put it simply, summer just wouldn’t be summer without ice cream. In Karlín, there is an ice cream shop that will give you the chance to feel like a child again. There is no need to go back to primary school or be small again. The main thing is that you need to findRead more.

Akce Cihla, such a great way to spend few minutes while wandering around the city center of Prague. Thinking of fundraising but don’t want to give your money to a random stranger on a street, or just you don’t need all those pencils, magnets, etc., you can get while supporting some organisation you don’t even know? So why should you support Akce Cihla anyway? Akce Cihla, aka Beneficial BRICK, is an international street art fundraising project for people with special needs started in the Czech Republic in 1999. For me it is more fun than just giving money to someone, it is a place where you can be a bit creative and show your talent. They have been supporting peopleRead more.