If you’re a parent, keeping your kids engaged and amused – and doing something worthwhile – is always a challenge. And the pandemic hasn’t made it any easier. So it’s a encouraging to have a week of entertainment for both adults and children, starting with a hair-raising street theater piece called DUKTO (pictured above) at Jatka78 on Tuesday. Talk about suffering for your art. Appearances aside, these performers are having fun, as are their audiences. On Saturday, take your pick of a theater piece that brings the kids onstage to join the performance, or an online animation fest. Or do both. The Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival streams at noon, this year focusing on female animators like Fusako Yusaki, who hasRead more.

If you still can’t find live music, you’re not trying very hard. Especially with the ultimate Queen cover band (above) coming to Lucerna’s cool new outdoor facility in Výstaviště this week. Elsewhere, you can hear bands or solo singers many nights at the Žižkov Beer Garden and Kasárna Karlín. The performers are mostly local, but at the moment it’s atmosphere that matters, and in that these venues are aces. Some of the biggest names have responded to the continuing pandemic restrictions by being creative. With all the open-air festivals shut down, David Koller reworked his songs for an acoustic group that will be playing four nights at Jazz Dock. Olympic is scaling down its massive crowds to a small gatheringRead more.

The circus is in town! Or at least a slimmed-down version of it. Continuing its run as the city’s new cultural hotspot, Výstaviště will host a nine-day street theater festival starting Wednesday that features a lot of traditional circus elements. There will be clowns, acrobats and other entertainment for the kids during the day, and music and pyrotechnics at night. In short, it’s starting to look a lot more like summer in Prague. There’s music in the air – again, mostly at Výstaviště, where Tomáš Klus and Poletíme? will be rockin’ out at Lucerna’s new outdoor stage. For a change of pace and softer sounds, stop by Karlín Barracks to hear the Argentinian songstress Valentina Sandxval. Or for something trulyRead more.