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One of the landmarks in the area near the Old Town Square is the tall, elegant Estates Theatre. Still in operation as a theatre, it has a rich and fascinating history. Count František Antonín Nostic-Rieneck owned the land upon which the theatre was built. He faced stiff opposition in constructing it – the town council, the Charles University, a nearby theatre which feared competition, and several owners of nearby buildings objected to the new building. However, Nostic-Rieneck had a huge advantage: The approval of Emperor Joseph II. The emperor’s approval far outweighed the disapproval of everyone else, and construction was allowed to proceed. On June 7, 1781, the foundation stone of the Estates Theatre was laid. While digging work forRead more.

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This year, candy lovers will have the chance to attend Prague’s second annual candy festival. The title is slightly misleading, as sweets of various kinds will be offered at the festival. From hot chocolate to cupcakes to raw desserts to muffins to ice cream to cookies to pralines – and a lot more – you can indulge wildly. According to the website, the festival will offer a rich program of events for adults and kids alike. Two of the attractions will be cake decorating and a baking event. The photo gallery from last year’s festival shows a great many happenings, including face painting, a fashion show, and a demonstration involving melted chocolate. The gallery also provides a look at someRead more.

Edvard Beneš with his wife in 1934

Edvard Beneš, twice elected to the office of President of Czechoslovakia, governed the country during two very tumultuous eras. Each time, his presidency ended as major changes swept the country. Beneš was born in Kožlany, near Plzeň. At the time of his birth (1884), the area was still under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It seemed that the family, though not illustrious, was destined for greatness. His brother, Vojta, also became a politician; his nephew, Bohuš, a diplomat. Beneš studied at the Faculty of Philosophy of Charles University. From there, he went to Paris and attended the Sorbonne and the Independent School of Political and Social Studies. He received a doctorate of law in Dijon in 1908. He thenRead more.