A person ridden with insecurities can achieve paramount success if only they knew how to get over it. The fear, jealousy, ego, apathy and selfishness that govern us today are stopping us from reaching our true potential, stopping us from experiencing that inner peace. To add to the challenges, humanity is facing its toughest test ever with the global pandemic. Feels like the chaos is right at our doorstep! The external disturbances demand an internal shift in our mindset, perspective and approach towards life. One solution for all our problems – TRANSFORMATION. The transformation that we are talking about is a permanent shift within that fosters a positive state of mind that helps experience happiness, joy, peace and love. MaitreyaRead more.

You won’t have to scour the internet for the best online casino tips because you’ll find what you’re looking for right here! Here are 5 online casino tips that work like a charm: Read the Fine Print Most casinos have bonus terms which specify how much you’ll need to win before you can cash-out. There are a lot of different bonuses being offered in various casinos. You should spend time finding the best online casino that can give you what you’re looking for. Beat Casinos at their Own Game Find out how big the House Edge and the Return-to-Player (RTP) rate the games have before you play. Only then can you stick to those that actually give out big payoutsRead more.


Three exciting days full of job opportunities can be anticipated at the Jobspin Virtual Job Fair Czech Republic 2021 on May 11-13th. The second edition of the successful Czech career fair with a specific focus on language & tech jobs will offer the chance to discover and apply for job positions with internationally-minded employers in the Czech Republic. Photo via Freepik. Prague, Brno, Mar 22 (JS) – “Jobspin Virtual Job Fair is a fantastic event for candidates who want to relocate and work in the Czech Republic. This career fair involves the added benefit of real-time communication between candidates and employers, plus a personal approach which is essential in the recruiting process,” said Katerina Casadei, the main coordinator of Jobspin Job Fairs.Read more.