Given the recent descending of COVID19 or the Corona Virus on the Czech Republic, we’ve had to change the format of the “Whats up Prague show and so Anna and Kenny jump on Skype and chat over the rules around “lockdown” and the impact locally in Prague & the wider Czech Republic and world. No related posts.Read more.

Right summertime is here, the temperatures are rising and as those who have been here for a while, it gets hot. Air conditioning-type devices sell out fast. Some take to the shade in the beer gardens, some to the boats of Naplavka and some to their village cottages to enjoy. A recent conversation with a friend had me thinking that in such fine (if hot!) weather, what else can we “transfer” to the outside. The conversation was prompted by him returning after a lunchtime gym session to the office. Walking out of an exercise sessions into the heat had him returning for his 2nd shower. My question to him, can you not exercise outside etc? You know running or cycling?Read more.

"Saint: A dead sinner revised and edited." Ambrose Bierce I was planning a meeting with the English Patient and a couple of Irish friends. We needed a place for a drinking session. Food was an afterthought. Location was an issue — Malá Strana was requested. Saint Nicholas Cafe was chosen. The exterior wasn’t much to look at, with beat-up, patchy, painted walls. After stepping through the first set of doors, the entrance to the cafe inside a passage is slightly more attractive. Inside, slightly below street level, is a dark, atmospheric, and even historic space. The owners say the building dates back to 1554. There are often expats seated at the bar. Saint Nicholas Cafe is not far from aRead more.