Every Sunday from 10am on Žluté lázně's beach

What better way to treat a Saturday night hangover than swim in the Vltava river on a Prague winter Sunday morning! Moreover, this ritual takes place all year long and in summer is followed by a volleyball match! Okay, I know that must sound absolutely insane to most of you, as it did to my friends when they found out I did this hours after we were clubbing to the early Sunday hours…but it ended up being a great way to start the day! At about 10 am (after a good three-hour nap) I met up with all the other insane morning polar bears at the sandy volleyball courts of Žluté lázně. It was a sunny, but cold frosty winterRead more.

Winning by a slight majority, Prague City Hall councillors have approved installing a replica of the Marian Column on Old Town Square (Staroměstske náměsti). The Baroque victory column adorned with a Virgin Mary at the summit was taken down by a crowd on November 3, 1918. For the last two decades, the idea of erecting a replica has been widely debated. The news of the column’s possible comeback has probably been received with much delight by dedicated Czech sculptor Petr Váňa. Váňa has spent the last 23 years reconstructing the sandstone replica. The project began in 1997 when Váňa was approached by the Society of the Reconstruction of the Marian Column for old Town Square in Prague. Slowly the proposalRead more.

Despite being a millennial freelancer living in the digital world I’m an absolute noob when it comes to computers and programming. As the world is consistently becoming digitalised, it scares me how computer illiterate I am. You may have noticed job market sites in Prague are saturated with IT and design jobs. More specifically, programmers. A programmer or coder is someone who designs, writes and maintains computer software.  And programmers are IN  D E M A N D. But how does a coding illiterate individual like myself, and maybe you, crack the code into the world of JavaScript, C#, HTML, CSS and more. I went to Green Fox Academy‘s free Basics of Programming Workshop for a crash course into coding. I’m not a maths person and thoughtRead more.