With The Czech Republic’s prime central location in Europe, it has witnessed and survived a lot of history. Although many other countries can say that it was a country largely left untouched in times of war, CZ (or Czechia), has faced some dark instances as well. One of its unforgettable tragedies can be traced back to Lidice, the name of a village that has been completely destroyed, levelled, and no longer exists — however, the field and farmland remains barren, allowing the area to keep its name. It’s located about 22 kilometres (or 14 miles) northwest of Prague. What happened? After the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in 1942 by Jozef Gabčík and Jan Kubiš (also known as Operation Anthropoid), whichRead more.

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If you’re a lover of wine and you’re itching for a day-trip outside of Prague but not too far out, Mělník is a must-see. Mělník is comfortably located just about 35 kilometres north of Prague, making your trip easy and convenient if you just hop on a train or bus which should last only about an hour. What makes this city absolutely worthwhile is that its perched on a high ridge that gives you incredible views of the merging of Bohemia’s two largest rivers — the Labe and the Vltava. Another great aspect of this town and region, is that it is a major producer of wine. When you climb up the clock tower to take in more views, youRead more.

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Are you restless and trying to scope out some cooler outdoor activities to do outside of Prague? Well, how about a wicked combination of a little bit of creepy, a little bit of hike, and an all-rounded adventure? At the edge of a forest above the village of Želízy, located about 1.5 hours by transport from Prague, you can witness two ginormous demonic heads carved in sandstone that can be dated back to the mid 1800s. They stand nearly 30 feet tall and are locally known as “Čertovy hlavy” which translates to “The Devil Heads.” Pretty impressive stuff, if you ask me. Let’s just keep it real though, the adventure and hike part largely depends on how active of aRead more.