Back in September of this year, CitySpy told you about a fantastic newly-opened venue for cinephiles in Prague called Screenshot (article here: Located in Prague 1 just behind Bila Labut, Screenshot has since taken off as one of the must visit spots for locals and tourists alike. Everyone appreciates the chill vibe, great drinks, easy atmosphere, and especially the screening room! Having recently wrapped up their tribute to Czech cinema throughout the years, they dove head first into a special presentation from the Festival of Iranian Cinema, and now they’re looking to get in on some New Year’s party action and so, were back talking about this awesome venue. Tomorrow night (that’s New Year’s Eve, if you’ve still beenRead more.

Just this week, we posted about a way to take a day trip from Prague up to the mountains for a nice bit of skiing or snowboarding (which you can find here but what if you were thinking of sticking closer to home but still wanted to get a bit of fresh air in whilst hitting the ice? In that case, we would like to recommend a couple of ice skating rinks here in Prague. Ice skating rinks are a great place to take the kids or even, perhaps, a first date. Nothing quite like sliding around in circles on the ice and trying to keep each other from falling over!  When it comes to skating rinks (both indoor andRead more.

With Christmas now behind us, if you’re like me, you may find yourself with a few extra days off before the New Year and in Prague, you’re certainly not at a loss for options if you wanted to stick close to home… but if you’re looking for a bit of adventure (and maybe some exercise to burn off those extra Christmas pounds or kilos), you might want to consider a ski trip. As I’m sure you’re aware, one of the best things about The Czech Republic is its central location in Europe, so you could very easily head over to the Austrian mountains if you wanted in only a couple of hours… but there’s also some decent skiing in nearbyRead more.